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Last Chance to Keep BC’s Coast Oil Free Action Alert — 048
Friday January 11, 2002

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The provincial government will be making a decision regarding the lifting of the BC moratorium on offshore oil and gas by the END OF JANUARY 2002. This may be our last opportunity to voice our concerns about the lifting of the provincial moratorium. To help maintain the moratorium please visit to send a fast, free, effective message to Premier Gordon Campbell before the end of January 2002.

While the provincial government is claiming this industry can go ahead in an environmentally safe way, there is scientific evidence that suggests otherwise. Lifting this moratorium will leave our coastal waters vulnerable to the impacts of seismic testing, oil spills, and pollution. In addition, it will contribute to global warming. The impacts of this industry could harm our environment and our coastal economy, outweighing any possible economic benefits.

It is now more important than ever that you express your concerns to the government regarding the lifting of the moratorium. You can express your concerns by letter, fax, or email. For more information on this issue, please refer to the website

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