LA is exciting!

last night, after watching Smallville (oh when oh when will Clark and Lex declare their love? Or Clark and Lana? Or all 3? Who’s got slash fiction!?), I stayed tuned for the highlights to the KTLA news. In the news? Not one, not two, but three car-chases. First off, some guy who beat his wife took of in, yes, you guessed it, a Bronco. That chase went on for a while, there were some helicopter highlights, he was arrested. Then later, another guy was fleeing the cops in another car. This was a low-speed car chase from the look of things, and was highlighted by frequent stops: the guy would pull over, the cops would jump out and point their guns, he’d get going again. It finally petered out, possibly due to lack of gas. Lastly, and this one was live, 2 bankrobbers were taking off on the cops. The helicopters had the car, but then the 2 took off on foot. For some reason, all the news helicopters followed the driver, who was as a result caught. Live at 10, the passenger was at that point still at large.

How exciting life must be in LA!

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