So I’d been saying that if this season ‘redeemed’ itself, it would probably stand out as one of the best of Buffy ever – the ever-increasing lows for each of the characters, the basic helplessness of them all to prevent anything, the unconscionable evil of boys able to act out all their fantasies – it was becoming a little much, and I was worried the show would simply sag under all that weight dragging it down. Then came the last 2 episodes of the season. And yes, the show has been redeemed. Yes, the season, taken as a whole, is excellent. This article over at Salon.com points out some of the reasons why as it examines the season finale.
Sigh – I wish now I had the season on video – like Twin Peaks, this season stands as one that should be watched in 1 sitting (or several, close together) to revel in how it all came together in the end.

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