Toronto Shut Down

Not living there anymore, I wasn’t aware how bad it had gotten in Toronto. Here is a list of the public services currently shut down due to strikes:


  • The city’s 58 daycare centres (daycares operating out of private homes will
    remain open).
  • Garbage and recycling collection, except in the old cities of Etobicoke
    and York and for apartment buildings
  • Social-services caseworkers who help people get welfare.
  • Counselling and support services inside shelters.
  • Restaurant inspections.
  • Water quality testing at all 14 beaches.
  • Needle exchanges.
  • Health and dental clinics.
  • Public-health programs such as nutrition counselling.
  • Two of five city animal shelters.
  • Most economic development services.
  • Permits for parks, tennis courts, outdoor sports fields, civic squares,
    and wedding photography.
  • Toilets in public parks.
  • Greenhouses and conservatories.
  • City-operated golf courses.
  • Pools, splash pads, arenas, civic centres, and community centres.
  • Recreation programming such as camps, classes, drop-ins, clubs, school
    visits, and walking tours.
  • City-run museums, art galleries, and cultural facilities.
  • City archives and bylaw research.
  • Wedding chambers in the Scarborough, East York, and York civic centres.
  • Zoning or planning permits.
  • Property surveys and mapping.
  • Building permits and inspections.
  • Committee of Adjustment meetings.
  • Parking permits.
  • Street permits for film crews, construction workers and utility maintenance.
  • Parking tag offices and call centres.
  • All events at Nathan Phillips Square, Mel Lastman Square, Albert Campbell
    Square and other civic squares.
  • Road construction and repairs.
  • Street cleaning.
  • Some animal-control services.
  • City parking lots.
  • All events on the Toronto Islands.
  • All games at Centennial Park.
  • Taxicab driver training.
  • Toronto Island ferry service

(from the globe & mail)