I can see clearly now…

At work, I have a dual-monitor setup. Previously, my primary has been a very nice Viewsonic GS790, with an NEC E700 as the secondary. The poor NEC is an old, tired monitor, and was slowly getting fuzzier and fuzzier, to the point that it was barely usable. I didn’t really notice how fuzzy it had gotten until I realised that anytime I wanted to read anything, I had to bring the window over to my primary monitor. I knew I had a spare 19″ lying around at home, so when I came back to work this evening, I decided to bring it in. And what a difference! First and foremost, the picture is much clearer (although still slightly fuzzy – though a quick test revealed that this seems to be a fault with the video card – my primary monitor becomes a little fuzzy on this output too). Second, having two 19″ monitors instead of a 19″ and a 17″ really makes a difference – I can finally keep both at the same resolution (plus this supports refresh rates of 100 MHz+, vs the NEC’s of 75). This monitor, a Phillips monitor from Dell was the best monitor I could buy from Dell back in 1998, and has held up pretty well (it hasn’t seen much use in the last couple of years – first I had a laptop, then a new, 21″ monitor at home), so is looking nice. Although it’s a little …umm.. brighter than the other monitor. This is probably fixable somehow. Maybe with that color-profile manager in the video settings? I don’t know – I’ve never used that, mostly because I don’t know what it will do. But I would expect it to calibrate the monitor, so in theory, if both monitors are using the same color profile, colors should look the same on each?

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