things that rock!

So here’s a listing of some of the things that’ve made me pretty happy this week:

  • My folks, determined to get me to dress better, send me $1000.00 to spend on dressy clothes for my birthday. On Friday & Saturday, Leah and I went shopping and I came home with new Steve Madden shoes, a belt, a jacket, 2 shirts & a tie from Mexx and a pair of pants from Tristan & America (along with a belt from The Bay). So now I can look pretty damn spiffy, if you ask me.
  • With some left over money, I purchased 2 CDs, the first for in over a year, a far cry from my former 4-5 CDs and/or DVDs a month prior to that. I purchased the newish No Doubt (much fun), along with The Avalanches‘ ‘Since I left you, which is excellent and complex and moving.
  • I purchased the afore-mentioned card-reader, which makes digital photgraphy so much more fun.
  • Leah made a wonderful thanksgiving dinner for us, which I consumed, followed by this amazing chocolate fudge-pudding desert thing, which I consumed with great gusto also.
  • Going across the Granville St. Bridge today, I realized (again) just how spoiled I am to live somewhere so beautiful. The only thing more beautiful than Vancouver on a sunny day is Vancouver on a sunny day when the mountains are snow-capped.

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