Today I am 25 years old. Today it is sunny out. Today I do not have to work. Today I slept in. Today I will turn off the computer, go outside and revel in this beautiful fall weather. Today I will eat dinner with some friends. Today I’ll probably be phoned by various family members, and in keeping with tradition, manage to miss all of them. Today I’m going to reflect on the insane amount of things I’ve managed to cram into the last 25 years. Today I’m going to wonder about all the things I’d said I’d do by now, but haven’t. Today I’m going to push the date for accomplishing those things back by 5 years. Today, I’m going to bike around Stanley Park for the first time since August. Today, for the first time in a while, I’m neither sick nor recovering from injury on my birthday. Today is going well so far.

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