lost the thread

I have completely and utterly lost the thread this morning. I cam in early, and worked solidly until about 10 minutes ago. But I had to call Air Canada, so paused my music, paused my work and made the call. Getting off the phone, I can no longer remember, at all, what it was that I was working on. I’m looking at the pages of code open in Dreamweaver (there’s 20 — I should really remember to close pages I’m finished with), and I can’t recall what it was I’m doing. Mozilla is open to ESPN, which clearly, I wasn’t working on. IE is shut. What was it that I was doing? Something to do with payment processing and logging in, I think, but I can’t recall what. I do know that I was making a significant change this morning. To make matters worse, I can’t read my cryptic little notes scrawled on my notepad:

1) bob jones
2) backcheck?
3) stop freeloaders

4) […] (illegable)
5) switch processing & […]

It doesn’t help that I’m quite sick. I’ve been quite sick all week, but due to a deadline today @ 4pm, I’ve been in everyday, chugging along. Yesterday, I thought I was finished until I noticed that it there was a small logical hole in the registration system. Which I was working on this morning, I believe.

Hopefully, I’ll figure it out. I’m going to step through my module in the comment-browser (I use commented-out XML to comment code. It means I can later browse a site through the comments. Really a most helpful use for XML).

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