Last night, playing hockey, I was Mister Chance Guy. I had sooo many excellent scoring chances, and didn’t convert a one. It was really quite sad. I believe I had a clean breakaway, a partial breakaway, 2 2-on-1s, as well as a couple other rebound chances. Almost every time, I think I did pretty much the right thing (there was also a near-opportunity, where the puck just got stuck in the snow on a 2-on-1, and I never ever got the shot), but I just couldn’t beat the goalies. Often, I think if I’d simply been able to lift the puck (which, in the heat of the moment, I have great difficulty doing), I’d’ve scored. But No!

Day had just come back from UBC’s skating course, which sounds like it would be well worth my while, as his skating appeared dramatically improved last night. I’m most interested, however, in their hockey skills course, as really, if I could learn to shoot properly, maybe I’d score more.

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