back in the saddle

Well, after a week of trying to find, Stephen and I figured out what was wrong with MT and got the right packages installed to get it working again. Bonus, he also installed Pg::DB, so I’ll switch from Berkeley to Postgres some time soon.

News with me is that I’m moving! Not houses this time, but offices. Jeff and I have leased a nice little office in Yaletown, above Rodney’s. Which makes this owning a company thing somehow so much more official and real, being both exciting and scary, of course. Although, as our rent isn’t really changing (the dollar value remains mostly the same, just now it’s in cash, rather than trade for services), it shouldn’t be too hard. But now there’s things like insurance, alarms, water, phones, etc that fall to us. Yikes! Yippee! And oh boy am I tired from taking apart those desks and moving them. Now I’ve got to put them together. I’ll upload a photo or two soonish. We’ve a view (barely!) of False Creek & David Lam Park!.

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