A Mac, a Mac, my kingdom for a Mac!

I’m a web developer. I need to know what my site will look like on Macs. Yes, I know that there’s only like 2% of visitors to the average site that are on Macs, but nearly hald my clients are Mac-based. Hence, the importance of a Mac testing station. My needs are simple: I need to see what things look like in IE & Safari (Mozilla/NS 7 browsers seem pretty consistent across platforms, luckilyl). I probably spend far more time that market-share dictates worrying about Macs, but I always feel bad if something looks bad on a Mac. It detracts from my dream of pure, standardized builds that work elegantly everywhere.

If anyone has a Mac capable of running the above they might like to sell (anything that would run OS X will suffice), please let me know (email address is at the top of this page).

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