So I’ve just launched my company‘s website. It’s available to the world at Woohoo!

The site was designed by Day, and built by Yours Truly (me, not the character (10 000 shares of to the first person who names that book!)).

It’s buit to standards, validates XHTML (transitional 1.0) & CSS, is table-less, and has a variety of little accessibility features. Some highlights: The navigation is all built using unordered lists. The DHTML drop-downs are actually sub-lists of their parent navigational items, just hidden. For the first time, I’ve gone away from pixel-sizing for fonts, instead using %. Letter-spacing, line-heights, etc all measured with ems. So hopefully, all the printed matter should scale beautifully should you feel the need to increase or decrease your browser’s default font-size.

As anything brand new, I’m sure there are kinks (there’s a couple of those horrific ‘coming soon’ pages still, and no print style sheet as of yet). So please, if you’ve any comments, please pass them my way. I’m specifically interested in any layout issues you might encounter (particularly if you’re on a mac) and if anyone has any accessibility suggestions that I should incorporate.

Also, if you go there and it redirects to a non-existant page, that’s because your browser sucks, being less than a 5.0 version, and I haven’t created the upgrade page yet. That’ll come this weekend.