We’re back now from England, which was truly wonderful — seeing family was good, as was getting out and about the land. We were up in Manchester, down in Stratford, over in Yorkshire (Haworth, precisely), then, of course, down in London.

All was good and perhaps will be talked about further in the upcoming photo gallery, once I’m refreshed and so on and so forth. But! again, it must be said, those who travel in business class really do have it made: in Heathrow, the check-in took 5 minutes rather than an hour or so, and also, to clear the baggage inspection area, those in business class have a fast-track line, again, a reduction of about 1 hour in time. Not to mention the most excellent feature of all: The Lounge.

And what was fun, and felt odd but exciting? When the customs officer asked what our relationship was, I got to say “married”. How cool is that?

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