It must be love

On Saturday, I had one of those stress-related migraine-style headaches (I don’t know if they are actually migraine — I seem to remain much more mobile than others I know who suffer migraines — but at any rate, nausea, blurred vision, aches all over, light-sensitivity, etc), that I tend to get if I’ve been working too much (the best therapy is always a visit to my chiro). It was just coming on as I went to get groceries to cook dinner for Leah and I

I stopped into Get Fresh, the flower store on Davie (which, by the way, is excellent – the nicest staff!) to buy Leah a bouquet. Of course, at the best of times, I’m quite sensitive to scents, and so flower stores are not really my bag. Yesterday, however, the oncoming headache combined with the smells lead to disastrous effect: I had to rush out of the store, just in time to vomit into the gutter on Davie.

But I got Leah a bouquet anyway. One of the staff quickly got together a bouquet, I threw some cash at him, and out I went. I didn’t end up cooking dinner, as the thought was rather unbearable, but Leah did get some nice flowers. I, in turn, curled up on the couch and watched bad Saturday-night TV, semi-dozing, until I decided I might as well go to bed, shortly after 9:30. How lame am I!

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