I want this

Although for me, better yet would be this system:

A self-contained HDD/wi-fi that connects to my stero, through the usual optical channels. I can load & unload music/photos/etc from this HDD wirelessly from my computer. There’d be a remote that would allow me to choose the mode (photo album/video library/jukebox) and then simply press play, even when my computer’s off. There’d of course be firewire connection so I could daisychain it with other harddrives, so I could affordablly and seamlessly grow my collection as required. Of course, in a perfect world, I could use it as a PVR as well.

I think that’s a big issue currently with the emerging devices: the lack of flexibility. Everyone’s trying to tie their device to either a) the stereo, because that’s the centre of the home entertainment system or b)the computer, because that’s the centre of the home entertainment system. But what I’m saying is that I shouldn’t have to make that choice. I should be able to use either, just as well, because, well, sometimes I use my computer, sometimes I use my stereo (which includes the tv), and I want all my media to be accessible from one central location on either. Eventually, I’d like to be able to store my DVDs like we can now store CDs ( as in: I rip them to MP3 and store them on a HDD), but storage needs to get a little cheaper still.

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