So hard done by

So there was an interesting looking free tune at the iTunes music store last week. So I thought to myself ‘Cool! I’ll sign up and download it!’. Only I couldn’t. See, being Canadian, we’re not actually allowed to use the iTunes music store. You must have a US billing (read: Credit Card) address in order to sign up. Which I don’t. I have a credit card, I’d be theoretically willing to pay $0.99USD for a song (as opposed to puretracks’ $0.99CAD), so why can’t I sign up!? Waaah! Of course, this might mean that eventually we’ll be able to get an iTunes Canada store, where songs are $0.99CAD, and then I’ll feel smug and superior to my American neighbours, as I save a few cents per song. I don’t even know if Apple has any plans at all for a Canadian version of the iTunes store.

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