Week 19

Leah, 19 weeksSo it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written to you – it’s been a little busy around work & home, and I didn’t have the camera to take a picture of your mum’s belly.

And so a lot has happened in the interim. That’s your mum’s belly at left, with you now creating a definite bump. Last Thursday, we went in for an ultrasound, and we got to take a look at you! Despite still looking somewhat alien-like, you’re really cute. We checked out your head, heart, major organs, spine & other features – good news!: you’re in tip-top shape. You’re also just adorable, and showed us your little hands and feet, pictures of which were immediately taken by the tech there. I’ve now got little printouts, which I’ll probably put up at work. Had I a digital copy, I’d post them here too. I’m still hopeful I can get a digital copy – I’ll ask our Doctor at our next visit.

So of course, we were both hoping that we’d be able to find out what your gender is, but, being a good child of mine, your cooperation with those making demands of you was minimal. You’d turn when asked, but not to the position we wanted, and when it came time to look at your parts (you’ll learn soon that ‘your parts’ are your mum and I’s favourite terms for one’s genetalia), you were quite bashful, alternately placing hands, feet and then umbilical cord in the way of the ultrasound imager, so your gender will remain a mystery until the day your born, presumably. Which actually, is A-OK by me, as it gives us something else to look forward to – finding out ‘what’ you are, as well as who you are.

We’re currently in Oslo, visiting my mother (your paternal grandmother – just what you’ll call her has yet to be worked out), so if it suddenly got colder in there, or your food went wacky, you’ll know why. I’ll write more about Oslo next week.

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