Vigelands Park

The last set of photos from my trip to Norway are all taken within Vigelands Parken, an urban park and statue-garden.

Gustav Vigelands was a scupltor of some renown. The Norwegian government commissioned him to create some statues for a park. He was given a place to live, a stipend, and left to his work. The creation of the park took the majority of his life, and indeed, the last of the statues were not finished and placed until after his death. The bronzes of the park were completed solo by him, but the members of his atelier worked on the granites with him. All statues were designed by him.

My mum has done an extensive study of the park, with photos of all the statues in various lighting from various times of year, and also know the stories behind them, but this’ll give you (hopefully) a decent sruvey of them. Vigelands 101, if you will.

Have a look!

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