U2 Concert

So, U2 is coming to Vancouver at the end of April, as part of their Vertigo tour. And I know the show will be huge and excessive and possibly even not that good (although, I saw them last on the ZOO TV (inside) tour, and thought it was fantastic), but I want to go. I’ll probably never want to see U2 again, as they’ll just keep getting older. And I didn’t see REM, when they were here, and I regretted that (I’ve never seen REM live). And so despite the largeness, the expense, the etc. I’ve decided to go and see U2 when they come to town. And tickets for the masses go on sale on Saturday (they’re already on sale for fan-club members), and I’m going to fork over the $50-$175 for a ticket (probably on the lower-end of that spectrum).

So now, the question is, is there anyone out there who is interested in going with me?

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