Verity Problems

I’ve been using the ColdFusion install of Verity for some time now, and, until recently, without issues. And here’s the problem I’m having:

I recreated a corrupted index using the <cfindex action=”refresh”> command. This grabs all my DB info and indexes – this works great for searching, etc. Exactly as it’s supposed to. But where I’m having problems is in the maintenance of this code.

In the Pencilcase CMS, there is code that deletes inactive content from the Verity index (so that inactive or deleted content, quite reasonably, can’t be pulled up in a search). However, if I try and delete an item indexed through the action="refresh", nothing happens. It doesn’t delete. To make matters worse, when I reactivate the content, there’s suddenly a duplicate in the Verity index – so a search would pull up the same content twice. Now here’s the real rub: delete that re-activated item again, and suddenly, the duplicate is deleted.

So here’s my theory: Verity somehow stores the actual query used to create the index with the indexed item. When going to delete the item again, if the query used to delete doesn’t match the query used to create, it can’t find the item, even if the “key”, which is what it ostensibly uses to find records, matches.

Does anyone have any idea of a workaround for this? Or know what I could be doing wrong that my refresh/delete/update calls seem to not be working in concert so well?