Leah’s Baby Shower

So we had a baby shower this past weekend. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who came and celebrated a “happy baby” (as the appropriate term appeared to be, given what everyone said) with us.

Seeing as how no one involved in it had ever been to a baby shower before, and didn’t really know what one did in a baby shower, I think it went pretty well. A special thanks to everyone who painted the “onesies” (I can imagine a beer-bellied, straw-hat-adorned, hairy man named Bubba calling me a “sissy-boy” just for writing that word on my site”), as they’re all fantastic. Expect a bevvy of photos of the progeny sporting your one-of-a-kind fashion must-haves in the coming months.

There’s some photos from the event, which I’ve not commented or re-touched due to time constraints. There’s also some shots of a flower with rain-drops from our courtyard that I took while waiting for folks to show up.

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