More on why Ford Credit & Dams Ford Suck

So, following up on why & Ford Credit sucks, I’ve an update. I had Dams Ford and Ford Credit fax me copies of the relevant agreement and cheques.

It, of course, turns out that I’m absolutely correct: We did not receive the much-sought-after Damage Deposit that Dams thinks we did. We did, according to Ford Credit, receive a cheque for $517.12, for “Refund Overage on Account […]”. Which, not only is clearly not a damage deposit, it’s not even for the same amount as the damage deposit, which is listed Dams’ documentation as being $525.00. It also makes sense, as there was some confusion between Leah and I as to whether or not we had one more payment to make on our car, which we made, just to play it safe.

Had I just rolled over and paid this, I’d be out $525. Of course, Dams is not liking this, has said they’ll get Ford Credit to tell me that the cheque they sent is in fact the damage deposit. I’d, of course, be interested to hear just why they completely mis-labelled a cheque to us, as well as why they arbitrarily held back money owed to us.

So I’ll say it again: Never deal with Ford Credit Canada or Dams Ford.

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