What’s happened to the O.C.?

So I’m a fan of The O.C.. I really dug the first 2 seasons. But so far, this season? Has sucked.

They’re re-hashing plot points here. Oh no! Ryan’s punching respected members of the community! Now he’s running away! Someone’s having inappropriate sex with a student! I’m sure there’s lots of stupid things that can happen without retreading these same tired footsteps. Now, it appears that these storylines were wrapped up (thank god!) in last Thursday’s episode, but we’ll have to see.

Summer (Rachel Bilson). Summer was always hot & bitchy with a well-hidden nice side. Now. she’s all demure and nice with a well-hidden bitchy side. And what the fuck are they dressing her in? She looks like she belongs in a 1950’s after-school special! It’s awful! All demure and baggy. Actually, that goes for all the girls’ fashions this year on the show. Even the extras at the highschool are dressing all conservative. Is this some teen fashion trend I’m not aware of? What’s going on here?

This show better get better soon, or I’m gonna have to find another guilty pleasure…