Happy New Year

So now it’s 2006. 2005 was, overall, a pretty damn good year. Actually, in many ways it wasn’t, but the mere fact of Liam pretty much counter-balances all that.

2006 is shaping up to be a year of big changes at home for us, with hefty implications, simply because Leah’s going back to school in the fall. Which is very exciting for both of us. This also means Liam will be starting in daycare this year, which, I admit, terrifies me. And the combination of the two means that we’ll need a car later this year. Pending on the results of the upcoming election, affording all of this could be quite the struggle, although with business looking up at the moment, I’m less worried than I was in, say, September 2005.

This is post isn’t really going anywhere, as I’m too busy at work to have spare brain power. Additionally, this site (and Leah’s) will be moving servers in the next week or 2, which will mean some downtime probably – I’m going to rebuild the MT install froms scratch, as this one is showing signs of age, having been continually been upgraded, rather than installed fresh from the original install of Greymatter that my site was running on in 2001, when I switched from manually-edited HTML pages to a blog.

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