Them Oscars

So I semi-watched the first half of the oscars, while hanging out with Liam yesterday afternoon. I’ve a couple of observations:

  1. When a team won an oscar (always technical), if the team involved a man and a woman, the man ALWAYS spoke first, to give his thanks, while the woman looked on anxiously. Normally this resulted in the woman only being able to get one thank you in, after the man had, oh, a dozen or more. In one case, the poor woman didn’t even get to speak. So what’s up, Hollywood?
  2. Jon Stewart, I have to say, fell flat. His humour did not go over so well there, even though he had Leah and I laughing out loud at one point during the opening. I look forward to the self-recriminations that are sure to follow over the next few episodes of the The Daily Show
  3. If there’s a technical Oscars, why are things like Costume, Make-up, Set Design included in this telecast? Aren’t those technical skills? I’d go so far as to include the Scoring oscar in the tehcnicals, and leave the telecast for the actors & directors – that’s who the telvision audience wants to see at any rate.

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