It’s only democracy if we win

The Eagleridge protestors had their day in court, and surprise, surprise, they lost. And that’s fine. I don’t know if anyone really expected them to win. I don’t know enough about the issues involved to say whether or not that’s good or bad.

However, what irks me, what really irks me, is when I hear protestors say things like ‘This isn’t democracy. Our voices weren’t heard’. Because you know? I’m hearing your voice right now. I don’t know what electoral district you’re in, but 2 of 3 West Van districts went Liberal. So chances are, your area voted liberal (you personally may not have). So democracy happened. The majority voted for the party who were going to push through this construction. And legal cases are specifically not democratic. Could you imagine if they were? I fully respect your right to protest (indeed, encourage) . I respect your right to break the law (indeed, encourage) for a cause you believe in. I don’t respect your right to sound like a whiny, petulant child when things don’t go your way.

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