French Photos!

So you remember how I went to France, and came back nearly a month ago, promising photos? Well, I still haven’t finished going through them all, what with work and what-not. There was just so many! So what I have done, and will continue to do, is I’ve divided up photos more or less geographically/chronologically, so you can view albums based on our day trips. This has had the benefit of reducing the daunting task of finishing an album, and also means that you won’t be scared off by seeing that there’s 500 photos in an album. That’s a lot of photos of someone else’s vacation. Instead, you can dip in and out, some 60-odd photos at a time, should you be so inclined. So without further ado, here’s the first few albums:

  1. In & Around Valence, which was the village where the house was.
  2. Collonges, which was a pretty village across the Valley from our house.
  3. Rocamadour, which is another famous village of the region, to which we made a day trip.
  4. Turenne, a nearby castle and village, which was the former capital of the region, before it was subsumed into France.

(still to come: photos from trips to Castelnaud & Toulouse)

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