Living for the Weekend

This weekend, we’re taking a trip to Toronto to visit my folks (well, if we’re being honest, we’re taking a trip so that they can see Liam – it’s not so much about us anymore), and man! am I looking forward to it. With work being super busy and Leah finishing up her second semester of school just this Monday, I feel like I’ve been going full out for about 5 or 6 weeks. I’ve had this growing sense of fatigue & burn-out creeping up on me. It’s gotten to the point that even if I wanted to, I’ve been unable to be productive in the evenings to catch up on work, which has meant I’ve delivered a couple of things later than I should have, which pisses me off to no end. But I do feel I’ve been running on empty for a while. I’m hoping a quick, work-free, stress-free trip to visit the folks will go a long way to help me recharge. It doesn’t usually take much, just a change of scenery, or a day staring at the walls, or some other way of having some quality internalizing time.

Of course, since I recently joined Facebook, friends from the past have been coming out of the woodwork, so now I’ve got a handful of old friends I should try and look up. More likely than not, I won’t actually, I’ll just be a “homebody”, and hang out with my family. It’s nothing personal people, just 4 days is not a very long trip to try and cram lots into when all I want to do is nothing…

Most exciting about this is that the free childcare from my folks means that Leah and I get to go out on a date together, and so something fun. I’m currently thinking we’ll go to dinner somewhere, then maybe spend the night in one of Toronto’s fun boutique hotels. Torontonians: Any advice on a funky/cool little hotel we should stay at? Ideally somewhere more or less in the centre?

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