Journalistic Endorsements

It’s that time of the election when newspapers start listing their endorsements for President. In the past week or so, virtually every major paper, in the US and abroad, has come out in favour of one candidate or the other. Most major US papers have come out in favour of Kerry. The Washington Post, on Sunday, followed suit with their (cautious) endorsement of Kerry. I highlight it as the most reasoned and well-written endorsement I’ve read to date. It certainly a far sight better than the Globe’s poorly written, reactionary endorsement (sadly, not available online w/o a subscription).

I, obviously, endorse Kerry for President, although to be frank, I’m still more in the “Anyone-but-Bush” camp than I am a fan of Kerry. But he seems reasonable, and will protect social and environmental values and is not likely to further alienate the rest of the world. He also, by virtue of being new, has immediate credibility to start rebuilding alliances, and withrdawing from Iraq, or at least re-starting the “nation-building” process.

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