Worst Hot Chocolate Ever

So I just had what was quite possibly the worst hot chocolate I’ve ever had, from the Starbucks in Yaletown. It was bad in many ways: First, the guy taking my order made fun of me: “A hot chocolate. You’re sure? You don’t want a coffee?”. Then, the barista made it, and didn’t yell it out, so I’d no idea it had been made. Finally, after everyone else in line had picked up their coffee, and there was still a cup on the counter, I asked him if that was my hot chocolate, and he said “what? oh, yeah”. So bad service to start.

Then, upon inspection, I wasn’t even sure there was any chocolate in the cup. The foam at top was as white as the driven snow. Even after blowing on the foam, to look at deeper layers, it was still white. But I shrugged, and put on the lid.

While walking away, I finally tasted it. There was, possibly, some chocolate in there. But I think it more likely that the steamed milk had somehow inhaled the scent of chocolate, or had been spritzed by a chocoloate-flavored spritzer, rather than having actual chocolate syrup inside. But essentially, I was drinking steamed milk.

Now, that would have been passable. I’m not against a good cup of steamed milk. But for that to be good, it has to be hot. And hot, this drink was not. It was warm, for sure, but not hot. Not quite cool enough to be luke-warm, but only by the slimmest of margins.

This all just goes to show that Starbucks really does suck, which has been my sneaking suspicion for a while. Everytime I go to any other coffee shop (for hot chocolate, not being a coffee drinker), I’m amazed how it always better than the chaffe I get served at Starbucks.