What a Trooper!

Liam is sick. He’s got a cold, probably the same one I have. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have it as bad as I do. However, he’s been coughing and little bit out of sorts the last day or two.

Last night, after I put him to bed, I heard him cough a little. He did this every hour or so. I was getting very worried that any moment, he’s start crying, because he was scared, or uncomfortable, or whatnot – because it’s his first cold, and all that snot and coughing must be scary. And indeed, around midnight, he started to fuss. Just a few squawks, and although Leah and I lay in bed, worrying about the hellish night to come, nothing happend. He fussed for a couple fo minutes, then went back to sleep! Yay Liam! I’m so happy that, even though he clearly woke up to cough virtually hourly, he stayed “asleep” all night long! What a trooper!

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